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A routine Electroencephalogram or EEG, is a diagnostic test where approximately 25 electrodes are placed onto the head for at least 20 minutes. These electrodes measure the brain’s electrical activity, which is then displayed on a computer screen in the form of graphs or brainwaves. The EEG can help diagnose various disorders originating from the brain.  This is accomplished by interpreting these graphs and comparing the size and shape of a person’s brainwaves to normative values. To name only a few examples, the EEG may be requested in the following cases:

  • To aid in diagnosing epilepsy
  • To differentiate between fever convulsions and a true epileptic syndrome
  • To differentiate between various epileptic syndromes (West Syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome etc.)
  • To identify specific types of epilepsy, for example Absent Seizures
  • To differentiate between a blackout and a minor epileptic attack
  • To evaluate brain function in a comatose patient
  • To evaluate brain function after a stroke
  • To evaluate brain function in premature born babies (from 28 weeks of age)
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  Overnight / 24hour EEG

An Overnight EEG / 24hour EEG may sometimes be requested when a routine EEG does not provide clear answers to the physician. This type of EEG is often more helpful, because of its longer duration (several hours as opposed to the 20 minutes of a routine EEG) and includes a large portion of sleep. Sleep is an important method to increase the chances of detecting abnormalities in the EEG, due to the fact that sleep is a major activation method for evoking EEG abnormalities.

When is an Overnight EEG / 24hour EEG typically requested?

  • The Overnight EEG / 24hour EEG is especially helpful in the diagnosis of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE), as the specific signs of TLE are often absent in a routine EEG
  • It is a useful test to help a physician to decide whether it is safe for a patient to stop using their anti-convulsants or anti-epileptic medication
  • Whenever there are doubts about the results of a routine EEG or if more information is needed

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